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PolecamElbowPolecam ChatshowPolecam is a lightweight, portable jib system which gives those large, expansive floating camera moves which add so much to a production. Whether it be music, sport, broadcast or corporate, Polecam will no doubt add the 'wow' factor. 

With a maximum reach of 6 metres from pivot point, and a remotely operated hothead, those 'big shots' are now available to everyone. 

Being made up of carbon fibre poles, it is much quicker to set up and transport than traditional jibs or cranes, giving the option for many more shots and locations within a shoot day.  The carbon fibre poles are 1.2m long and can be configured from 1 to 5, and even with an elbow joint allowing an 'up and over' shot!

My rig uses the 'long head', which can take a DSLR sized camera, my Sony PXW-FS5 for up to 4K resolution, or even my PMW 300 or similar cameras (wire stiffening rig required), although my standard rig is equipped with the BBC approved Panasonic  HCK10 full HD mini camera with 12x zoom. 

Depending on quality levels required, the full HD camera output can be recorded onto the HMR10 recorder to SD card (max 24Mb/s 1080i) or for broadcast, using the HDSDI output onto the Atomos Shogun in Full HD at up to 220Mb/s in either Avid or ProRes codecs onto SSDs.

Polecam PXW-FS5

For more information on how my Polecam can benefit your programme, please call!

Omen by HP Bootcamp shoot