Copyright 2021 - Steve Cowper Freelance Cameraman Polecam operator in Nottingham Birmingham East Midlands

Camera Kit

Camera Kit consisting of either:

  • Sony PXW-FS5 4K / Full HD camera recording to Hi-Speed SD cards - Comes with Sony 18-105mm, 10-18mm & 70-300mm lenses and 2x Veydra primes (16mm and 50mm)
  • Sony PMW-300 Full HD camera recording to SxS media - Can record to 50Mbps Broadcast standard


  • Sachtler FSB8/speedlock legs
  • Atomos Shogun Flame HDR 7" Monitor/4K/HD recorder
  • Marshall 7" HD HiBrite monitor HDMI/HDSDI inputs
  • Matte Box with selection of ND Grads
  • Sony 0.8x Wide angle lens


  • Sound Kit consisting of:
    • Sennheiser 416 rifle mic in Rycote
    • 2 No. Sennheiser G3 ch38 radiomics
    • 1 No Sennheiser SKP 300 Plug On radiomic transmitter for 416 or dynamic mics
    • 2 No. Sony ECM77 personal mic
    • 2 No. Sennheiser MD46 reporter mic
    • Sennheiser HD26 Pro headphones


  • Lighting Kit consisting of:
    • 2 No. Dedolight DLED 4.1 Daylight LED heads with dimmers
    • 1 No. Dedolight DLED 7 Turbo Daylight LED head with mains or battery PSU/dimmer
    • 1 No. Dedolight projector/gobos
    • 1 No. Dedolight Felloni 1x1 Hi-Output Daylight dimmable LED panel light
    • Various backdrops, inc chroma blue/green, black velvet etc
    • California Sunbounce reflector


  • Data Transfer:
    • HP Spectre laptop with USB 3.0/Thunderebolt3 enabling on site file transfer from SxS cards to your hard drive

Extra Kit Available:

  • Quadrajib - compact and portable minijib with approx 2m rise/fall - will take full size broadcast camera
  • GoPro3 Black 1080 50p HD action cam with various clamps, magic arms etc
  • Panasonic HMR10 recorder
  • Panasonic HCK10 minicam with 20m cable (requires HMR10 to control)