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Polecam operator

When it comes to kit, I am constantly upgrading and changing my equipment, which now has the addition of a fully rigged Polecam.

This amazing bit of kit will transform any shoot from the ordinary into something special, with shots ranging from subtle camera moves right up to the 'big shot' with a lot of head and crane movement.  I am sure you'll fall in love with what this bit of kit will do for you and your clients.  Excellent for conferences, awards events, studio or outdoor shoots and all at very reasonable cost considering the extra versatility it brings.

Don't forget the Polecam head cradle can be mounted on a lighting stand, giving the opportunity for a remote hothead mounted discretely for your shoot or conference.  The control cable for the head is 10m long meaning the pan/tilt can be operated from this distance.  Camera control is also available via the HMR10/HCK10 combination, which has a 20m connection cable.

If you are after something specific that I may not have, don't hesitate to ask - I'll probably know where to get it!